You may wonder why orthodontic treatment in necessary. There are common orthodontic problems which cause your bite to function incorrectly, and which can affect the health of your teeth and your overall wellbeing. Learn more about common orthodontic problems in Eden Prairie, Shakopee, New Prague, and Chaska, Minnesota, today. Call Vayda Orthodontics at 952-829-0686 if you have any questions and would like to schedule a visit with our orthodontists, Dr. Doug Vayda and associates.

We want you to have healthy teeth and a beautiful smile. To help do this, we treat most orthodontic problems and use our services to align your teeth into their most optimal position. But how do you know if you need orthodontic help? Many orthodontic problems are easy to identify by our orthodontists. Here are examples of the most common ones we see:


When there is not enough space in the mouth, teeth begin to be crowded, which can make it more difficult to clean hard-to-reach spaces and can cause dental decay. Straight teeth can prevent cavities from developing.

Gapped Teeth

Many patients have gaps or spaces between teeth. This can cause unnecessary tooth movement and can be fixed with a permanent retainer to prevent gum concerns.


When you have an overbite, the front upper teeth reach too far out over the front of your lower teeth. This can cause your lower jaw to dig into the sensitive tissue of the roof of your mouth.


Underbites happen when the upper teeth settle behind the lower teeth, which is caused by the lower jaw sticking further out than it is supposed to.

Open Bite

Having an open bite can be an uncomfortable experience. It is caused by the lower and upper front teeth colliding instead of overlapping and can prevent proper chewing and talking.


A crossbite can cause misalignment of the jaw and happens when the upper teeth are positioned behind or “inside” the lower teeth.

Upper Front Teeth Protrusion

Upper front teeth protrusion happens when the upper teeth push forward too far, and it is often paired with lower teeth that to not extend properly behind them. The functionality and aesthetic appearance of your smile can be negatively affected by this.

Misshaped or Missing Lateral Incisors

Incisors, or the four front teeth of the upper and lower mouth, can sometimes be smaller than they should be or even missing altogether. Our team can help reshape your teeth for a functional and visually pleasing smile.

To discover how our skilled orthodontists and team are able to treat these and other orthodontic problems, we invite you to contact us today!

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