Invisalign® Retainers

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After your Invisalign treatment, just like with braces, you’ll need “retainers” to maintain the position of your teeth. Most of our patients who finish Invisalign prefer clear retainers. Clear retainers are very comfortable and work great for patients who were treated with Invisalign or with braces. They look very much like the Invisalign aligners – they are clear, plastic, and cover all of the teeth – but there are two important differences. 

Retainer 101

  • Unlike the aligners, the retainers are not moving your teeth, they are maintaining the position of your teeth. 
  • Made of a more durable and more rigid type of plastic. This allows them to effectively maintain the position of your teeth long term.

Clear retainer maintenance

  • Clean them daily to keep them looking and smelling good. 
  • You will need to replace them over time because they do wear out. 

How long do I have to wear the Invisalign retainer?

When a patient finishes their Invisalign treatment, we typically recommend retainer wear for 12-16 hours per day, gradually decreasing over the first few months to wearing them just while you sleep. 

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